Classic design to match
a classic game

Before 1930 Golf could begin to produce its clothing line, ORGANI stepped into the picture to create a complete identity that would come to represent the brand. As a new contender in an athletic culture that has existed for centuries, branding 1930 Golf required a careful balance of both modern and traditional design elements to create a timeless identity with a fresh feel.

For the brand’s logo, a classic approach was adopted to utilize elegant traditional typography accented by a simple silhouette, creating a graphic with a sophisticated, iconic feel. ORGANI also created a tagline to establish the brand’s identity in four simple words, and the phrase “Classic Game, Classic Apparel” can be found accompanying the logo wherever it is used.

Responsive Interactive Experience

Along with product distribution nationwide, the 1930 Golf founders knew that they wanted an accessible online shopping experience to be an integral part of their brand. In order to accomplish this, ORGANI designed a complete web solution that would showcase the brand and an easy-to-use online shopping experience. The entire website is custom designed and built on a robust content management system, allowing for easy updating and management by the 1930 Golf staff. The shopping portion of the site also utilizes versatile back-end shopping cart software to provide a streamlined experience for users in multiple countries using both US Dollars and Euros.

Product Design

ORGANI not only branded the company itself but also provided extensive design services for multiple elements of 1930 Golf apparel production. Innovative features were incorporated as part of a modern athletic approach to a classic style for a variety of designs, including shirts, hats, belts, sweaters, and vests. Collateral design for the clothing line also included sewn-in labels, packaging, hand tags, and product photography.

Design Layout

In addition to providing product design services, ORGANI took the clothing line from concept to creation by providing pattern design, spec sheets, and final renderings that were then delivered to the manufacturers.


In order to create the best possible display for the custom-designed 1930 Golf line, ORGANI developed a unique method to photograph and present each new item. As if on an in-store display, ORGANI photographed the apparel on a mannequin torso to exhibit the fitting and features of each item. Designers then used a unique process to digitally remove the mannequin itself. The end result of this process is a clean presentation throughout so that customers can get an accurate impression of the entire 1930 Golf line.