A Fortified Brand for
Steel Casting

The American Foundry Group rebranding effort began as the company sought to merge its traditional identity with a updated modern look. Founded in 1966, AFG was built upon time-honored ideals of quality, innovation, and a personal touch in an industry dominated by automated manufacture.

ORGANI worked closely with the company’s leadership to create a new identity that incorporated a clean, modern look while still representing the ideas AFG was built upon. The new branding first began with the organization’s original triple-layered “A” design, as it evolved into a bold new logo. With it’s clean-cut lines, dynamic angles, and traditional colors, the rebranding supported AFG’s identity as an industry leader.

Stationary and Collateral

Creating collateral materials for the American Foundry Group involved the familiar challenge of applying fresh and visually engaging design to an otherwise clean-cut, detail-oriented industry. ORGANI implemented colorful photography and sleek modern design to infuse AFG’s marketing materials with the precise, yet dynamic energy that would give the organization a strong visual identity. These collateral materials included letterheads, business cards, envelopes, pamphlets, brochures, advertisements, and more.


Photography for the AFG rebranding effort was also an integral part of showcasing the power and energy behind the organization. Thorough planning was required to prepare for key moments in the manufacturing process, and ORGANI photographers strapped on heat gear and welding masks to capture an up-close look at red-hot metals and powerful hardware.