An immersive boating experience

ORGANI’s revolutionary UI for the Pro-Vision II dash system comes standard on all Enzo models, the flagships of Centurion’s towboat fleet. The entire onboard Enzo experience is driven by the brilliant Pro-Vision II display and is defined by the perfect fusion of performance and luxury on the boat Centurion likes to call an “on-the-water stretch limo.” The Pro-Vision II incorporates GPS mapping, rider profiles, speed control, trim tab control, ballast controls, depth and water temperature, engine diagnostics, and stereo control for the boats’ powerful 6-speaker audio systems.

The 2012 Centurion Pro-Vision II display platform is unique as the first towboat interface to utilize a vertical layout. This format lends itself to an experience similar to a mobile application and allowed ORGANI to create a uniquely interactive user experience. The display provides user interface elements based off of interactive response as opposed to traditional layouts that display all UI elements simultaneously. Such an approach utilized animation for the first time in the towboat industry and pushed the limits of an embedded UI system.

Perfect Fusion of Performance & Luxury

The challenges included creating a fluid experience that catered to the rider’s needs despite the harsh demands of the environment. Traditionally, a great day for water sports ends up creating poor conditions for digital displays when direct sunlight and water spray negatively impact visibility. Colorful gradients can be washed out, and potentially important details are at risk of being obscured. To compensate for these conditions, ORGANI focused on creating and thoroughly field-testing different color palates and styling. The end result is a dynamic new look and feel that still performs in harsh outdoor environments.