A Fresh Brand with
a Traditional Style

ORGANI worked hard to develop a distinctive and appealing brand for Harvest Crate from day one. Starting from the ground up and designing a rustic yet trendy logo, ORGANI handled all aspects of brand development to ensure a cohesive feel throughout all aspects of the business from print collateral to photography and product packaging. The company’s personal delivery model made it all the more important to harness every possible medium to create an appealing identity – not simply at a physical location, but all over the Tulsa metropolitan area.

ORGANI was responsible for developing a distinct tag line for the Harvest Crate brand that reflects both the naturalness and convenience of the brand.

Stationary and Collateral

Print collateral included branded business cards with convenient QR code links, catalogue pamphlets, order forms, folders, slicks, and promotional fliers. Print ads were also constructed for various family friendly magazines and use at local events, including Tulsa Shock games, Tulsa’s own professional WNBA team.

Promo Material

Further collateral included a selection of T-shirts and other apparel for promotional use and also to be utilized by Harvest Crate delivery persons while on the job.

Transit Wrap

Largest among these collateral projects was the design of a colorful full car wrap adorning the Harvest Crate delivery trucks that would be seen across the area every day. This project utilized vivid photography and extensive graphic design in order to cover the entire van with appealing imagery and marketing information.

Product Packaging

ORGANI designed a box and packaging system that was maximized for style and protection and was yet environmentally friendly. Its multiple stylized components pull the brand and image of the company through to the last detail.

Products and Photography

ORGANI’s work with Harvest Crate included an extensive photo shoot to provide imagery for the company’s website, print material, and all other marketing elements in order to continue the brand’s rustic yet stylized image.