Bottling an island
in a polished brand.

Hula Polish is a nail polish line created on Maui with the mission of “spreading aloha around the world, one polish at a time.” As part of its plight to accomplish this, Hula Polish tasked ORGANI with creating a beach brand that combined the tropical vibes and aloha spirit of Hawaii while still appealing to a broader geographical audience.

This project included designing unique packaging to make the polish stand out on store shelves as well as a visually compelling website to drive online sales.

Vintage Postcard

ORGANI created a vintage Hawaiian style postcard to extend the Hula Polish brand beyond the bottle packaging and give the company a piece that can not only be mailed as a postcard but also function as a social media and business card.

Colorful Interactive

As an online company, it was important that Hula Polish have a visually striking website that successfully conveyed the message of the brand. Colorful watercolor-like elements that combine the graphic prints intrinsic to Hawaiian culture build the imagery of a brand that’s all about aloha.

Packaging Design

Custom packaging design included designing the hula girl, custom font, and pineapple leaf print, all of which were screen printed on the glass bottle and plastic cap.