Sleek photography promotes
art deco real estate

ORGANI provided photography and design services in order to create collateral “slicks” to promote Kanbar Properties, a company managing over 30% of the commercial property in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. After extensive photography of 14 unique Tulsa properties, ORGANI designers carefully analyzed the distinctive features of each location to establish a unique visual identity for each corresponding slick. These visual styles ranged from historic art deco to minimalistic modern design and worked in conjunction with site photography to distinguish a specific representation for each property. The double-sided slicks were printed on high quality paper stock and used both as sales materials and displayed in the lobbies of each location.


Over the course of several days, ORGANI photographed 14 unique properties, acquiring multiple perspectives of each building in daytime and nighttime views. The objective of this project was not only to represent each property as a whole, but also to identify and capture specific design elements that brand each building’s unique architectural identity.