Corporate & environmental
design solutions

ORGANI provided full branding, website, and collateral design services for KEO, a local favorite venue for top-notch Asian cuisine. The project included a variety of elements aimed at representing the best fresh ingredients and attentive service in a warm modern atmosphere. The logo itself is the result of many iterations of brand concepts that evolved into the signature “KEO” that adorns the restaurant today. The final logo is type driven without shapes or images and features custom lettering designed by the ORGANI team.

Menus and Collateral

The KEO branding project involved a variety of unique print collateral elements that work together to provide an organic feel for the entire dining experience. New modern print pieces were ready to go as soon as the restaurant opened, including menus, outdoor signage, gift cards, and even chopstick packaging.

Professional Staff Wear

ORGANI oversaw the continuation of the KEO brand onto elements beyond their website and print collateral. The KEO brand was also incorporated onto staff wear (including chef jackets and server shirts).

Signage & Environment

A restaurant’s branding spills over into its environment in unique ways. KEO’s sign is the first representation of the brand that many patrons see and the interior of the space also reflects the modern and minimalistic style of the Asian fusion restaurant.