Redefining utility
with a next generation display

The XStar has already forged its identity as an established leader in the towboat industry, but with its innovative XStar Digital Dash, MasterCraft has pushed its flagship into the next generation of wakeboard technology. For the first time in the towboat industry, the XStar UI features three separate integrated screens for maximum control over the customized wakeboarding experience.

ORGANI has been responsible for MasterCraft’s visual interface since the original system was implemented in the 2010 XStar line, and the latest rendition carries over unprecedented features from the first generation, including finger gesture recognition like the swipe controls for the ballast screens.

Challenges in designing the 2016 XStar.

The challenges included creating a fluid experience that catered to the rider’s needs despite the harsh demands of the environment. Traditionally, a great day for water sports ends up creating poor conditions for digital displays when direct sunlight and water spray negatively impact visibility. Colorful gradients can be washed out, and potentially important details are at risk of being obscured. To compensate for these conditions, ORGANI focused on creating and thoroughly field-testing different color palates and styling. The end result is a dynamic new look and feel that still performs in harsh outdoor environments.

This attention to detail has already paid off, and together with its entirely new hull design, the 2016 XStar is quickly receiving critical acclaim for its performance. According to MasterCraft, “this is innovation in action.”