Face lift to a
40-year-old brand.

MauiWine has been making their famous pineapple wines for over 40 years, but this brand is about more than just unique wines that appeal to tourists. ORGANI worked with MauiWine to completely overhaul their classic brand to not only pay homage to the property’s Hawaiian heritage but also play up its exciting present and future including the success of its first vineyard and wine tasting room.

From concept to finish, ORGANI designed a timeless brand whose image now extends across all mediums, from web to wholesale product to retail experience.

A Logo Rich In Meaning

The MauiWine logo is an elegant representation of the distinctive qualities and heritage that can be found in every bottle made at the winery. Inspired by the cultural legacy reflected in the wines themselves, the MauiWine logo is a brand identity rich in meaning.

Stationary and Collateral

ORGANI designed a whole range of stationery and print collateral products to fuel both the business and marketing aspects of the brand. Some of these pieces include stationery, envelopes, business cards, magazine ads, and product sheets.

Responsive Interactive Experience

ORGANI designed a completely custom website for MauiWine that not only incorporated all of the visual aspects of the brand’s new identity but also works in a completely responsive and interactive manner.

Custom Iconography

As part of the branding project for MauiWine, ORGANI created a custom set of icons that were used on the website and interactive app. These icons work to create a smooth flowing user interactive experience.

New Wine Labels

Packaging That Pops

The MauiWine brand continues beyond the physical property of Ulupalakua Vineyards and its online presence. ORGANI created packaging designs for wine crates to ensure that this fantastic new brand makes it all the way home with customers.

Narrative and Product Photography

ORGANI performed several photoshoots for this project, including product photography to best showcase the wine bottles online and in print as well as taking a series of lifestyle shots to convey a narrative that describes the brand’s roots and values.