Landscaping a brand
with many services

Oklahoma Landscape represents a brand with multiple facets. Operating in the sectors of lawn care as well as outdoor living, ORGANI was tasked with the mission of creating a compelling brand that conveyed the all-encompassing nature of Oklahoma Landscape.

A complete brand solution included a dual segment responsive website featuring custom photography and illustrations. The project also expanded to include other branding elements such as truck wraps, promotional materials, and a tradeshow set up.

Promotion & Tradeshow

ORGANI created a variety of print materials featuring Oklahoma Landscape’s variety of services on pieces including a door hang and promotional postcards. A complete tradeshow booth was also designed including a backdrop, floor decal, and side banners.

Optional & Responsive

Oklahoma Landscape’s completely custom website is not only responsive (meaning it auto formats to fit a variety of devices including mobile) but also includes a front loading option that lets the customer choose which version of the site to view.


ORGANI provided custom 3D drawings to illustrate the components of the variety of services that Oklahoma Landscape provides. These illustrations provide exceptional details that photography would be unable to capture.

Truck Wrap

Since Oklahoma Landscape provides at-home services to customers, a distinguished vehicle wrap was a crucial component to their brand strategy. ORGANI designed a custom wrap that easily identifies Oklahoma Landscape’s vehicles and distinguishes them from the competition.

On-site Photography

Since the outdoor living portion of Oklahoma Landscape’s brand is so visually centered, custom on-site photography was essential to capturing the beautiful outdoor spaces that are created by Oklahoma Landscape.