The next generation of
user interface

For its 2013 line of high-end wakeboarding towboats, Supra Boats once again enlisted the services of ORGANI to design a complete graphical user interface (UI) for its dash-mounted VISION system. While designing this interface, ORGANI researched a variety of systems in order to integrate functionality and ease of use for advanced features in a single streamlined package. Inspiration for the project included elements found in smartphones, portable GPS devices, and even gaming systems. The vibrant interface modules provide users with the functionality that their sport demands delivered in a high-end visual package that they have come to expect from the Supra luxury watercraft brand.

Not a yacht but pretty close

In designing the graphical layout and icons in Supra’s VISION dashboard control, ORGANI wanted to give drivers a unique, and yet easy-to-use navigational experience. The VISION system conveniently manages the boat’s high-end performance with customizable user profiles, intuitive settings, and informative displays. The UI also features powerful multi-media integration with video streaming from an onboard camera and external iPod music control. Altogether, the intuitive screens and menus make for an unparalleled water-sport experience. According to Wakeboarding Magazine, the “VISION dash uses technology as it was meant to be utilized.”