Making a dessert using
the right ingredients

Wholly Guacamole, America’s #1 all-natural guacamole maker, contracted ORGANI to create a 3D “veggie cupcake” to be used in its online marketing materials. Wholly Guacamole wanted to create a visual graphic to represent their brand’s ideal of natural freshness with a playful touch. Using veggie ingredients to make a dessert treat introduced a whimsical appeal to the brand and provided vivid imagery for the company’s marketing department to work with.


This 3D graphic was designed and rendered using Maya animation software. The first step in creating the 3D rendering was to sketch the orthographic views (which included side profiles and top views) before progressing to the 3D model and then adding the final texture touches. This involved studying, reproducing, and applying tomato, guacamole, cauliflower, and carrot textures.