We are your design and marketing department.

We are a creative company who
solves design and marketing problems

We are a team of highly driven people. Our work is executed with laser-focused precision and pixel perfect implementation. Even though markets, mediums, and the world around us may change, the principles of good design never do.

Our goal is to create brands, products, and solutions for our clients that their customers can truly connect with. Customers should be able to see themselves using a product or service in everyday life, and brands need to engage customers on a personal level so that they want to be a part of the lifestyle that brand conveys. To create a body of work that will engage and stimulate customers in this way takes skill and experience in a variety of fields including concept development, product design, strategy, positioning, usability testing, psychology, ethnography, communication, programming and innovation. By doing so, we become your design and marketing department.

Client Roster

Here’s a small cross section of the clients who have used our marketing services.

We’ve done work in many industries and markets.


Meet The Team

We are small but mighty. Our team shares one uniting goal — to create the absolute best work we can within the constraints of our projects.

Jimmy is a father of one daughter and a husband of 10 yrs.

Jimmy is our passionate leader. Driven by family, faith, and the creative process, he is a 24/7 kind of guy.

In a world of countless pixel pushers, there are few true creatives left. He is a creative. Jimmy is motivated by an intense desire to create, engage, and inspire people by the things he makes.

Jimmy believes that “good design is artful restraint” and this principle motivates him throughout the whole creative process. Relying on this time tested principle allows him to create more effectual and comprehensive branding initiatives in the areas of digital design, film and photography, website development, retail and events, branding, and mobile platforms. With these principles, he has designed complete brands for companies covering a variety of genres including sports, outdoor, luxury and fashion, industrial, travel and leisure, and automotive.

His passions include his faith, family, and playing the guitar. If he’s not creating timeless designs, brands, or products, you will probably find him holding his baby girl.

Alicia is the office Macgyver, making the impossible possible.

Alicia is the organization mastermind behind the company and without her the creative would not be able to happen.

Alicia’s background is in accounting and office administration so she tends to the less glamorous aspects of the business, which allows the rest of the team to do their thing. Alicia has been married to Jimmy (ORGANI’s founder) for over 10 years, so she’s seen the business through all stages of growth, and without her, it probably wouldn’t be where it is today.

Alicia spends as much time as possible with her and Jimmy’s daughter and in her spare time can usually be found at Chick-fil-A or binge watching Downton Abbey.

Amber is a real go-getter.

Amber is a marketing guru with decades of experience designing on air and digital campaigns for clients.

Before joining the ORGANI team, Amber previously spent 10 years working in advertising (between radio and television) most recently for Tulsa’s local ABC affiliate KTUL. She handled some of the top accounts in the market while working in television.

Amber loves a challenge and enjoys getting to know her customers and their businesses and stepping in to bring new ideas to the table and ultimately help them become more successful.

Amber grew up in a small town, where she still lives with her husband and three boys. Any free time she has is spent hanging out with her amazing family.

Jake makes the world around us look better, one pixel at a time.

Jake is a designer by day and an artist by night.  He tends to let those identities overlap, as they offer each other unique solutions.
Jake believes that marketing (in design and industry) is in an ever-changing state, and by keeping to core principles of design, ORGANI adapts and thrives in whatever is necessary to continue creating relevant yet timeless aesthetics for their clients.

Outside of work, Jake likes to try as many media expressions as he can. He’s dabbled in charcoal drawing, acrylic/oil painting, watercolor/india ink, linocut printing, silkscreen printing, digital painting, photography and typography. He is inspired by nature, discovery and innovative ideas, and he’s driven by broader horizons. He doesn’t expect to change the world, but hopes to at least make it easier to look at.

Jake likes metal music, professional sports and fine art. He is also fond of his dogs and family.

Garrett is a one-man swiss army chainsaw of a developer.

Garrett possesses immense expertise and capacity at the helm of web development at ORGANI. From front-end web development replete with high-fidelity custom interactions, to the mastery of information architecture and web services management, Garrett is a natural autodidact. Equipped with all the necessary 21st century skills, including communication skills, problem solving, and collaboration, Garrett also possesses a unique ability to recursively self-improve. He is a meticulous observer of his own work, and continually seeks ways to innovate his own innovations.

Garrett is also an artist, a family man, and loves to travel. Originally from Silicon Valley, Garrett grew up in the Midwest before trekking to Alaska and Seattle to work in various industries, including education, aviation, gaming, marketing, and other various start-ups.

Garrett currently lives in Hawaii with his wife and two sons.

Lucy is an organizational virtuoso.

Lucy is an organizational virtuoso. She makes everything run smoothly and efficiently so that ORGANI’s customers have the marketing solutions they need, right when they need them.

With a strong background in sales, management, and administration, Lucy has a long-standing reputation for being highly-organized, self-motivated, and able to work both independently or within a group. Thus, managing the logistics of the design process is a breeze for this driven administrator.

But Lucy calls herself a unique professional in that she’s both analytical and a creative at heart. Growing up in Maine with a house full of creative, eccentric artists, Lucy thrives in an environment rich with inspiration and chaos. Her adaptability, cross-functional approach, and appreciation for the arts makes her a great fit for ORGANI.

She strongly believes what her father always told her, “Do what you love and the money will come.” Lucy loves the creative energy that surrounds her at ORGANI and the ability to have a part in developing innovative brands. She currently resides near Keystone Lake with her wonderful husband, Ray, and their goofy dog, Curly.

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